1. New packaging advances prolongs veggie freshness

    New advances in packaging at Michigan State University can help produce stay fresh longer. Typically, preprepared onions have short shelf lives. Once packaged, they quickly turn color, go soft, lose nutrients and flavor, and become translucent. Microorganisms also thrive as onions decompose, and pathogens, such as salmonella, can cause severe...
  2. Great success for Ronchi at PROPAK ASIA

    Success and a really positive balance at the end of PROPAK ASIA where Ronchi was present with EXACTA/R 12/6, the most renowned Filling-Capping Monoblock in a new and technologically most advanced version. EXACTA/R 12/6 on display, especially designed for the cosmetic, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, is manufactured in “ultra-clean”...

    Before summer break Ronchi will be in Asia again to attend PROPAK CHINA in Shanghai from July 13th to 15th . A tradition for Ronchi this appointment with the Asian Show, which attracts every year a considerable flow of visitors, buyers and operators of different industries: food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, health & beauty care, household, consumer products, chemical etc.
  4. Luxury trends driving innovation

    Keeping up to date with the latest trends is essential in order to enable packaging to contribute to a brand’s success. Luxury and premium goods are ensuring their packaging effectively conveys their brand values by acting as a ‘second skin’ through representing and highlighting the product and brand qualities. Examples...
  5. At PROPAK ASIA with the new EXACTA/R 12/6

    RONCHI is in Bangkok for PROPAK ASIA, an important event for the manufacturers and suppliers of packaging machinery, technologies and materials destined to food, beverage and pharma industries. On the occasion of the Celebration of its 50th Year of Activity, Ronchi Mario SpA exhibits an interesting novelty dedicated to the...



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