1. Major trends in the packaging: light, cheap, personalized

    For the consumer, the packaging of a product is not only a plus, but also an essential purchase. In some cases, the consumer has even become part of the packaging; see the campaigns of Coca-Cola and Nutella, which offered to individual buyers the ability to customize the package with a...
  2. P&G rewards RONCHI as “External Business Partner of the Year 2014”

      An exquisite handmade crystal creation is the deserved award that RONCHI MARIO SpA received during the ceremony held in Cincinnati last Friday, January 9 th ; the company was named by the multinational Procter & Gamble as “External Business Partner of the Year 2014″ for the second consecutive time....
  3. New recyclable packaging for shampoo and conditioner

    What does natural cosmetic? To get the label of “natural”, in fact, a product “must be composed of 95 percent natural ingredients or of natural origin. A cosmetic certificate is a safe product, which ensures high performance and total safety for our body respecting at the same time, the environment....



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