How much ketchup do we consume?

35,8 millions of tons. According the data emerged during the 8th World Tomato Congress held in Toronto, Canada, this is the annual forecast about the worldwide consumption of tomato derivates for 2008. 

The consumption, by now extended to the planet, has outlined in the last 10 years a yearly increase of 2,9%. North America and UE countries doubtless represent the peak of the consumption the world over;  main consumer is North America, with 30 Kg. per capita per year. As to ketchup production, California is at the top of the list of the tomato converters 

An interesting remark comes from Africa, which results to be the third world region as far as consumption is concerned. In the specific, sausages and ketchup have undergone a rapid growth (from 420.000 to 900.000 tons). In terms of market shares, the sector represents the 12% approx. of the global movements.

‘Top-down’ Filling

Many tons of ketchup and sausages reach our tables into containers featuring more and more sophisticated shape, fruit of the new frontiers dictated by reasons of marketing to capture the attention of the consumer and to the benefit of a better practicality of use. 

Packaging manufacturers, indeed for answering the smartest market requirements, have studied and realized bottle unscramblers and orienter standing out for their extreme versatility.

For bottles designed to stand on its cap (top-down) Ronchi has realized a machine allowing the 180° rotation of the capped bottle before being conveyed again to the packaging line.

For unstable bottle, Ronchi has realized a special unscrambler version, whereas the bottle falls into a transport puck, thus rendering quite easy the bottle conveyance through the line.  

Thanks to a quick and simple “no tool” format change-over device, it is possible to handle every format. 

Also, these machines are equipped with a puck feeding device releasing them just in presence of the bottle coming out the unscrambling hopper  (“no bottle-no puck” system).

The adoption of brushless motors allows the elimination of eventual conveyors for the recirculation of the empty pucks.

It is also possible to orient the bottle before being inserted into the puck tank to vision system through video-camera, bar code or photo-eyes.

Ketchup is good to your health 

Definitely amazing is the result of a research conducted by the University of Oulo, Finland, and published on the  British Journal of Nutrition, about the relationship between ketchup consumption and cholesterol. As a matter of fact, it would seem that this sausage is an excellent panacea for the heart and that a small quantity per day is enough to keep under control the values of the so-called “bad cholesterol” responsible for heart attacks and other pathologies.
The experiment has involved a group of volunteers composed of 16 man and 5 women aging between 20 and 49 years old: for three weeks they have been submitted to a diet which did not contemplate the consumption of tomato, which has then been integrated with 40 grams of ketchup or 400 ml. of tomato juice. Although the initial cholesterol values of all participants were within a normal range, blood examinations have evidenced a 6% drop of the total cholesterol and a 13% decrease of the bad cholesterol.


Made in USA?

Do you think ketchup is a typical U.S. product ?

Actually, it originates from far east. It seems that the word “ketchup” derives from the malaysian/indonesian word “kecap”, a fermented fish based sausage with a predominance of anchovies 

Apparently, the employ of tomato in the sausage composition dates back to 1700, and it has been introduced by U.S. producers. The year of birth of the first tomato ketchup is 1812, when it was produced by James Mease from Philadelphia and put the product into commerce.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has prohibited the use of the word “ketchup”  for all those products which do not fulfil specific criteria about the correct employ of the ingredients.


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